Solution Architect

Media Integrations

At Mediasmiths I have lead development of the PROFILE Panel, an extension to Adobe® Prelude® which provides fast, simplified bulk media and metadata ingests into Cantemo Portal™ installations.

I have also worked to provide customized integrations on a per-project basis, from performing migrations of tens of thousands of media assets to a new platform, to designing and implementing a workflow system involving several independent metadata and media management systems, keeping them in sync to power an upcoming global video-on-demand service.

Backend Services

A majority of our projects involve custom development, with a strong focus on backend functionality and REST APIs providing interactivity. I have worked to create a system design which meets our client's current environment requirements while not limiting our options for a future migration, such as moving our services from their current data center VMs to containers running on Amazon Web Services, all with no code change.

As an example, the video-on-demand integrations we have built is designed around several micro services, each focused on a specific external system interaction. This has allowed us to be able to rapidly develop and switch between multiple systems as the project's requirements and goals evolve.

Open Source

Within Mediasmiths I have pushed for some areas of our codebase to be made open source, particularly around our Adobe panels development, in order to help foster a community for developers working on similar projects.

We have started by creating the External Panel Tools repository, and releasing our base UI files. This is a set of CSS styles that give an Adobe extension panel a native look-and-feel simply by including one CSS file.

I have also personally contributed to the grunt-cep project, a tool we use to to simplify the panel packaging and development process.


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