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Framework and Platform

NodeCG allows developers to create a solid graphics package with clear controls, high performance rendering, and custom server code to program precisely what they need. 

NodeCG also manages running these packages in a broadcast, providing users with a unified dashboard, a simple assets system for uploading and using custom content, a sound mixer, and list of URLs to be used as sources in to the final rendering application.

Clients using NodeCG

Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is a fundraising live stream event hosted twice a year, raising money towards several charity organisations. Since 2015 they have enlisted the help of Support Class to design and develop their broadcast graphics, as well as help run production at the event.
I have worked with Support Class specifically for the Summer Games Done Quick 2015 layouts, which can be seen here


TeamFortress.TV is a community run organisation focused on broadcasting and hosting Team Fortress 2 e-sports events. They were the first site to use NodeCG officially, debuting at their joint coverage of the Insomnia 49 LAN.
It has been developed by myself and others in the community, with myself maintaining hosting and continuing to provide development support.


'Tagg' is an independent streamer and video producer, focusing on personal games content. His stream has used NodeCG graphics to provide simple, clean alerts on stream for over 3 years.
Over those years we have worked closely on a refining his overlays, focusing on quick and minimal banner animations, with artwork from @medli20 and @tessgarman